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Workzone Furniture

About Workzone

Workzone provides furniture and installation services for a wide range of businesses. They provide almost all office furniture requirements including chairs, tables, cubicles, and conference rooms’ needs. They also ensure that each of their items perfectly fits the clients’ budget, space, and time.


Workzone would like to have a wider range of customers, and since the Philippines is continuously growing (economically), businesses are non-stop in terms of operation. Whether it be for a start-up or expansion, a lot of businesses are looking for improvements not only for the look of their offices but also for providing top quality furniture for their people.

Now, they are not looking to have an online shop. Workzone wants to be able to display their products and services, so Carl Ocab Digital Marketing helped them create their very own online catalogue. Their website is an informative website where customers can view each one of their products.

On their website, instructions for requesting a quote are available on each product. Even if they are now online, they want to make sure to be able to discuss quotations with their clients personally, which is why contact details and contact forms are also present on their website.

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